2016 Hillary Clinton Watch Party - Beverly Wilshire

Beverly Hills - June 7, 2016


                                   Director of Legal Studies Theresa Thompson attends Beverly Hills Wilshire Hillary Clinton

                                   "Watch Party" hosted by WWL WINNERSWHOLUNCH.





                                    Director of Legal Studies Theresa Thompson and Jonathan Michel

                                    WWL WINNERSWHOLUNCH Founder, Leadership Team Volunteer, Media Entrepreneur,

                                    Political Fundraiser, Equal Rights Activist, Human Rights Activist, Enviromentalist, and

                                    Humanitarian smile in support of Hillary Clinton.


                                         Director of Legal Studies Theresa Thompson and Diane Hart WWL WINNERSWHOLUNCH Team Captain, Leadership

                                         Team Volunteer, Investment Strategist, Political Activist, Equal Rights Activist, Womens Rights

                                         Activist, and NOW National Organization for Women Chapter President Emeritus smile in 

                                        support of Hillary Clinton.